500ml whole milk 

50gr butter cut to cubes

40gr cater sugar

1/4 vanilla pod

4 egg yolks

25gr cornflour

25gr plain flour

40gr caster sugar




1. In a sauce pan bring the milk, 40gr of sugar, butter and scraped vanilla pod to a boil and take of the heat. 

2. In  separate bowl thoroughly mix the flour, second 40gr of sugar and cornflour. Add  the yolks and immediately mix in a 1/3 of the hot liquid. 

3. Sieve the egg yolks mixture back into the sauce pan and continue cooking on a medium heat to a shiny and loose texture. At first the mixture will thicken but as you continue cooking will go back to a looser texture.

4. To cool down, use either a mixer machine using a paddle attachment to cool to room temperature or place in a plastic container, cover with cling film touching the mixture and leave to set in the fridge. After the creme sets in the fridge the texture will change to solid and will need a thorough mixing potentially using a hand blender.