I always say oven and baking is 50% of the Pastry chef's world. I mastered this recipe when I was working for a pan Asian restaurant in central London. We had cheesecake on the menu and through experimenting I came to this method. With much lower temperature and longer baking process the texture you get is between a cold cheesecake and a baked one. 


For the Base - 

300gr digestuves biscuits 
150gr butter

Method -  

Melt the butter in the micro wave and leave to cool. In a food processor blend the biscuits to a fine crumble texture. Mix the butter and the crumbled biscuits in a mixing bowl.

If you bake the cheesecake in a metal ring, line the ring with aluminium foil at the bottom. Make sure the aluminium is tight as possible. Place the crumble mix, spread evenly all the way to the sides of the ring. With a spoon press the base to ensure a tight base at the bottom of the cake. If your using a cake ring with a bottom disc, then line the disc with baking parchment then place the base crumble on top and press. 


For the Topping - 

200gr creme fraiche
2tbs icing sugar

Method - 

Mix together the creme fraiche and icing sugar, using a hand whisk.


For the Cake - 

660gr Philadelphia cheese 
90gr caster sugar
30gr honey 
3no eggs
1no egg yolk
240gr butter milk


Method - 

  1. Preheat the oven to 120°c
  2. In a bowl using a rubber spatula, break a bit the firm texture of the Philadelphia cheese. Add the remaining ingredients in the same order as they appear above, stirring the mixture between each ingredient. When stirring the mixture try NOT to incorporate air into it.
  3. Turn off the oven, place the ready cake ring inside, pour the mixture into the ring, close the door and turn the oven back on. 
  4. Bake at 120°c for about 7 to 8 minutes. Open slightly the oven door and lower the temperature to 90°c. continue baking until the centre of the cake is wobbly, yet still firm.  Turn the oven off, open slightly the door and allow the cheese cake to cool down to room temperature. Spread the topping on top and leave in the fridge for night's rest. 
Red Wine and Berries Sauce - 

200gr red wine
100gr caster sugar
100gr mixed berries
Method - 
In a sauce pan make caramel out of all the caster sugar. When you have nice caramel y colour add the red wine a tiny bit at the time. Reduce on a low heat until thickens, add the berries, bring back to a boil and take off the heat. Leave Leave the sauce over night to rest. 
Tips for making Caramel:
  1. Start by heating the sauce pan. Start by pouring a bit of the sugar and wait for it to melt. continue adding sugar a bit at the time, and stir gently if needed.  Take of the heat if needed to keep control .
  2. Use a long wooden spoon. 
  3. When you add the liquid (today it's red wine) be careful of steam!