When making chocolate ganache, we create emulsion between fat and water. The chocolate provides the fat, sugar, and coco solids while the milk, cream, soy milk and even fruit pulp provides water. 

I find that the best method to achieving smooth perfect texture is the "three thirds" method. In this method we incorporate hot liquid into melted chocolate a third at the time. Here's a basic recipe including the ingredients and method. In order to achieve the perfect result I would strongly recommend using a digital thermometer. Quantities of chocolate and other ingredients vary from one recipe to another according to the use of the chocolate ganache.

Ingredients -


Cream / Soy Milk / Fruit Pulp

Honey (optional)

Butter (optional)

Method -  

Step 1 - Melt your chocolate to 50°c or until you don't have anymore lumps and the chocolate is melted completely. 

Step 2 - In a sauce pan, bring the liquid and sugars (i.e honey or glucose syrup) to 80°c, or until the liquid starts bubbling.

Step 3 - Pour a third of the hot liquid into the melted chocolate and stir energetically using a rubber spatula. At this point the mixture is likely to become grainy, which is perfectly normal, just continue stirring until all the liquid is incorporated. Add the second third and continue stirring until all liquid is incorporated. Add the last third of liquid and continue stirring the mixture. By now your ganache should have achieved a smooth shiny texture.

Step 4 - If you don't wish to add butter to the recipe, then now you finish the ganache by blending it using the hand blender to a perfect shiny and smooth texture. If you do, then make sure it's diced and at room temperature. You cool down your ganache to 35°c - 40°c, add the butter, mix using the rubber spatula until the butter is melted then finish by blending using the hand blender. Now your ganache should have a perfect shiny smooth texture.